warrentiesNo matter where you’re living in the area…whether it’s Galveston, Groves, Lumberton, Bridge City or close by…there’s not doubt that having your pool cleaning done by a professional is worth it.

Of course we’re going to say that, right? After all, we’re the ones providing the service and want you to sign up for weekly pool maintenance. Granted, that’s true. But can we offer these well-thought-out reasons why you might want to employ professional pool cleaning in the Galveston area?

It saves you time – Here’s the most obvious one…when we clean your pool, you don’t have to. Spend your weekend the way you want to spend it instead of with a pool brush in your hand. Get some yard work done, surf the internet, take a cooking class…heck, just sit in your backyard and watch us do the work. We won’t mind. (Though if you’re drinking lemonade, feel free to offer us some.) And, of course, when we do it…

It saves you worry –  Have you ever not jumped in the pool because you’re not quite sure if the chemicals are right? Is it going to burn your eyes? Has it been too long and you can’t-quite-see but just-have-a-feeling that an algae bloom is right on the horizon and you don’t really want to be swimming in that? Take full advantage of your pool every day of summer by KNOWING that everything about it is right.

actually save you money – “Balderdash!” you might say (and if you do, then well-spoken, sir or madam). How can having pool service done actually save you money? When we perform pool service we’ll take a look at the most common problem areas that can show up in a pool…problems you might not think to look for. If we see a problem we can fix it before it gets too bad. A simple fix now might save you thousands of dollar in repair in the future.

So there you have it…3 reasons why using a pool cleaning service in the Galveston area is worth it. Give us a call to set up an appointment.