Blue, but cloudy?
Having a pool that is blue but still cloudy usually means that all the algae is dead, but your water still has particulates too small for your filter to catch. So…

What you need is a clarifier or flocculant. I, personally, prefer the flocculant. A flocculant actually binds several smaller particles together to make bigger particles –and heavier–so that they will fall right to the floor, ready to be vacuumed. It is very important to follow the directions to a “t” when adding floc, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money ( the pH must be adjusted so you should probably pick up some ”pH Plus“ or “pH minus” along with the floc). But, if you do follow the directions you will be pleasantly surprised at what happens. Your water will be crystal clear and the floor of your pool will look as if it has a layer of snow on it. Be careful when you vacuum (to waste) this stuff because it stirs up easily. Once you vacuum your pool it should be ready to go (you may have to readjust your pH though).

One last note: Add a few extra inches of water to your pool before you vacuum it to waste because you will lose quite a bit during this process.