8740342_origMost of us have seen it…in fact, it’s almost impossible to own a pool and not wake up to The Green sooner or later. But what the heck is it? Is it your fault?

What is it? – While there are different names attached to it, The Green is algae made up of millions or billions of single-cell organisms. These plant organisms turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, utilizing photosynthesis just like (nearly) every other plant on the planet. It’s just that when it does it in your pool, it’s not welcome. There are many species of algae that can thrive in a pool and can be green, green-black, green-blue, yellow, and other colors…but most of the time, it’s just called The Green.

Can you prevent it? Yes and no. It’s impossible to keep every cell of the algae out of your pool, because it comes down with the rain or is blown in by the wind. Most of the time these cells live in the pool and are invisible to the naked eye. While The Green is constantly being fought by a properly maintained chemical level in your pool, there are certain conditions under which there are finally enough of them and you’ll see the algae bloom. This will happen particularly in excessively warm weather and when the chemical balance is off because of neglect or excessive evaporation.

So what do you do about it? – The best way to prevent it is to keep the chemicals in your pool properly balanced, whether you’re using Achtwoo’s pool maintenance service or buying our pool supplies and doing it yourself (perhaps after taking a course in our pool school). This type of maintenance will prevent most blooms. When the conditions are met and an algae bloom does arrive, it will require proper scraping and vacuuming in order to get you back in the pool as quickly as possible.