servicesHere at Achtwoo, we’re very proud of the work we do. We do our best to improve every day, keeping our certifications up-to-date and always hiring the best possible pool cleaners. We have an attitude of getting the job done right.

That’s why it’s easy to shake our heads in bewilderment when we hear from our customers about the previous pool cleaners they used before contacting us  and the poor pool service they’ve received. Here are a few of the things you need to watch out for .

Not analysing the water – Some not-so-great pool cleaners will analyse the water at the beginning of the season and maybe once the next week. After that they just toss in the same amount of chemicals every week, which doesn’t take into account how humidity and water evaporation are affecting the chemical composition from week to week.

Using the wrong amount of chemicals (usually “too much”) –  Sometimes not-so-great pool cleaners will use too few chemicals in order to save money. But they know that if they don’t use enough then algae blooms might show up and prove that they haven’t done their job. So instead they just use too much. Do you want too many chemicals in your pool? Probably not, because that’s bad new all around…for your pool and for your health.

Just Cleaning The Pool – Not-so-great pool cleaners will run in, skim the pool, toss in the chemicals, and run out. A good pool cleaner will notice what’s happening with the pool…is it losing too much water when compared to last week? Does the algae always show up in the same spot? When you notice these things, possible problems can be dealt with before more extensive pool maintenance is required.

Don’t just stay with not-so-great pool cleaners…call Achtwoo today!