dreamstime_xxl_15770198Okay, maybe our previous blogs haven’t convinced you that getting your pool maintenance done by a professional is the way to go. We’ve just got one response to that…sounds good!

After all, we’re not just about swimming pool cleaning and pool maintenance. We’re also a premier supplier of pool supplies and are more than happy to sell you everything you need at the most affordable prices around. But do us a favor and take advantage of our pool school first.

Just what is pool school? It’s where you can learn from our experts the best way to take care of your pool maintenance so that you can buy your own pool supplies and take care of the pool cleaning yourself. And even if you’ve cleaned your pool before, it’s a good idea to have a refresher every so often. Why?

Pool maintenance in Texas can be different: Humidity, surrounding foliage, rain constitution…all these can affect pool maintenance. If you’ve done pool maintenance in other parts of the country, you might be surprised at how different things can be here in the Galveston area.

Chemical labels can change: The chemicals you use in your pool are like any other product…they are constantly changed and improved. That’s something incredibly important to know, as we don’t want you to pick up a concentrated version if you’re accustomed to the normal version. A pool school can make sure you’re reading the labels correctly so that you get your pool cleaning done properly every time.

So we wish you nothing but the best in your pool cleaning endeavors, and hope you’ll become a loyal customer of the pool supplies we offer in Galveston, Groves, Lumberton, and Bridge City.