Get a pool heater and swim all year long!Here in Galveston and the surrounding area, it gets pretty warm. And the rest of the country knows this, but people in different parts of the country don’t always know what life is like throughout the year.

Much as people in Galveston might wonder how much snowfall there is in Colorado in July (there isn’t any), people who don’t live in Galveston might ask you how sweltering it is in January. And of course, it isn’t. Sure, it doesn’t get very cold here, but it’s not always swimming weather, either, is it? You don’t want to be in your pool on a cool 50-degree January evening…unless you have a pool heater, of course!

Do you really need a pool heater? Isn’t a pool heater just a luxury? Well, yes and no.

Yes! — You know what? You have a pool, so why not enjoy it! Sometimes it just gets cold, and sometimes you just want it extra warm no matter what the outside temperature it is.

No! — Swimming is one of the most healthy forms of exercise you can do. It’s low-impact and exercises just about every part of your body at once. If it gets you to exercise, then having a swimming pool heater isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Don’t give up on swimming just because it’s gotten a bit cold in winter. Make use of your pool 365 days a year with a pool heater. Did we mention that we sell and install pool heaters? We repair them too. Sounds like it’s time to call Achtwoo!