Priming your pump
If you find that your pump just will NOT prime, try this:

  • Turn your pump off.
  • If you have a sand or DE filter, put the multiport valve on recirculate.
  • Take the pump lid off, and with the valves open, fill the pump and suction pipes with water (use a garden hose).
  • Once the pump is so full that it is spilling over, close the suction side valves and put the lid back on the pump.
  • Turn the pump on and IMMEDIATELY, but barely, open one of the valves (just a little).
  • Look through the pump lid until you see water trickling into the pump.
  • Slowly open the valve a little more until the trickle becomes a flow and then a little more until it is completely open.
  • If there are other valves, slowly open each one until the pump is primed.
  • Turn the pump back off, switch your multiport valve back to filter and turn your pump back on.
  • Voila.