Stabilizer, what’s that?
Stabilizer, or cyanuric acid, is a chemical that stabilizes your chlorine, thereby making it more effective against algae and bacteria. If you have too little in your pool your chlorine will be dissappated by the sun very rapidly and will not have time to combat the algae and bacteria. If your stabilizer level is too high, on the other hand, the chlorine becomes ineffective, which is why you would still have algae when your chlorine level is off the charts. The ideal range is between 30ppm and 80ppm. If you are starting with fresh water I would suggest you start off around 30ppm because, over time, it will slowly creep up if you are using the chlorine tablets (yes, they have stablizer in them!). Once the stabilizer level reaches above 80ppm the only way to lower it would be to drain part of your water and dilute it with fresh water–or just drain it completely and start fresh (consult a pro before draining your pool though). All of this is rather confusing–especially the part about not being able to lower the level except by dilution…even to a pro. But, as long as you remember to keep the stabilizer level between 30ppm and 80ppm then you will be fine.