pool repair is our specialty Oh boy…one morning you head out to your pool for a nice dip, and something just doesn’t seem right. Everything is too still, and the white noise that’s normally there is noticeably absent.

Your pool pump is down.

Now, you might let it go for a day, but any longer and the “yuck factor” starts to get noticable: you run into more hair, the leaves just stick around in the water, and eventually you start noticing stuff in the water that the pump usually moved along.

No matter what piece of pool equipment goes out, we’ve got three pool repair options for you.

Pool equipment repair: If your pool is relatively new, you’ll probably opt for repair. With any luck it will still be under warranty. Even if it’s not, we’ll make sure to get you the best possible price on pool equipment repair. If your pool equipment is the right size but getting older, perhaps you’d better go with…

Pool equipment replacement: The good thing about replacement is that it will come with a new warranty, so you won’t have to worry about breakdowns for quite a while. Also, it will almost certainly be more energy efficient that the previous one, and likely quieter as well.

Pool equipment upgrades: When your pool was installed, maybe the original owners skimped and got one that wasn’t quite large enough for the pool. Or maybe your pool heater just isn’t giving you the warmth you want. Now is a perfect time for an upgrade.
No matter which option you go with, make sure to take care of it soon. You certainly don’t want to let your broken pool equipment linger for too long, which can lead to even more costly repairs. Give us a call soon!