blue-heroHere At Achtwoo, we want to see you every week for regular pool maintenance. That’s because a) it keeps your pool in the best condition, b) it’s easier for both your schedule and ours, and c) we like the business!

But not everyone wants or can afford weekly pool service, and we understand that. Some of you have taken our pool school and subsequently are doing a pretty darn good job taking care of your own swimming pool cleaning.

While it never gets super-cold in this areas when compared to most of the country, there are parts of the year where your pool probably isn’t going to be used. So even if you’re taking care of things yourself, have you considered hiring Achtwoo and bookending the season?

Fall: There are right ways and wrong ways to put something away that you won’t use for awhile, and it’s important for a pool to be in the proper shape before it’s put on hiatus. Make sure the algae isn’t going to grow, make sure the pipes are ready for the first freeze. Basically get it to the right place before it gets a break.

Spring: Bring your pool back to life! We’ll fix any unforeseeable problems that popped up during the winter. We’ll also make sure the chemicals are properly balanced so that you’re off to a great start and you can take over.

Twice a year makes sure that your pool staying in good shape, ensuring that problems are caught earlier before they lead to extensive pool repair. Interested? Give us a call today!