2007-08-14 03.33.43You’ve probably noticed, but nearly everything is getting more efficient. That’s not only because of government mandates and regulations…it’s also because of public interest. As pools get more energy efficient they will save you money and time. Here are a few of the pieces of pool equipment you might want to think about upgrading.

Pool Heaters – Perhaps no part of a pools suggests luxury more than a pool heater. While it’s commonly hot here in the Galveston area, it’s not going to be hot enough every day so that you just jump in the pool every single morning. Well, it can be if you have a pool heater. Whether you need a new one installed or an old one replaced, we have suggestions and options that will be much more energy efficient than the ones made just a few years ago.

Pool Pumps – Like heaters, pool pumps are constantly getting more energy efficient. They’re also getting quieter and smaller, so they’re less of a problem than they’ve ever been. You can also keep your pool cleaner if you upgrade to a larger pump that will circulate the water more often. And if you’ve had your current pump repaired a few times, remember that a new pool pump will come with a warranty that will keep you covered.

Pool Filters – It’s always important to keep your pool filters clean and in good repair. They are also being designed in new materials so that they do a better job and last longer.

Keeping your pool equipment updated is the best way to ensure that everything is going swimmingly. Contact us today to get the best possible equipment!