8740342_origSo something is wrong with your pool. Maybe the pool pump broke, maybe the tiles are coming off, or perhaps something just isn’t working right and making your pool dirtier than you’d like.

Whatever you do, don’t put off repair. Being outside, when a pool starts to fall into disrepair it’s not going to stop without intervention. Problems that might have been a $50 repair can quickly snowball into one costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So when you need pool repair in Texas, don’t put it off…call pool repair experts as soon as possible.

So what can go from bad to worse?

Pool pump: When your pool pump goes, you’ve got very little time before “the green” starts to form. Hair will remain in the pool, chemicals will start to settle, and your fun backyard playground quickly becomes a place that no one can enjoy. Not only will you lose the use of your pool, standing water in the pipes and the pump just isn’t good…scale can form and restrict water flow and chemical balance. Get that pool pump repaired immediately!

Tile and liner problems: We don’t even repair liner, but we do want your pool in tip-top shape so that you can keep using it! Like a hole in a dam, it just takes that one little bit of damage to start big problems. Breaks in the liner are just going to get worse under the constant Texas sun. It’s not only unsightly…it will eventually bring your pool to its knees. Repairs should be done as soon as possible.

We want you to be able to enjoy your pool for years to come, and to do that it has to have the proper pool maintenance. Keep your swimming pool in great shape by calling us today!