1. How To Watch Out For Not-So-Great Pool Cleaners And Pool Service

    Here at Achtwoo, we’re very proud of the work we do. We do our best to improve every day, keeping our certifications up-to-date and always hiring the best possible pool cleaners. We have an attitude of getting the job done right. That’s why it’s easy to shake our heads in bewilderment when we hear from our customers about the previous pool cleaners they used before contacting us  and the po…Read More

  2. We Want To Do Your Pool Maintenance Every Week, But Maybe You Want Bookends?

    Here At Achtwoo, we want to see you every week for regular pool maintenance. That’s because a) it keeps your pool in the best condition, b) it’s easier for both your schedule and ours, and c) we like the business! But not everyone wants or can afford weekly pool service, and we understand that. Some of you have taken our pool school and subsequently are doing a pretty darn good job taking care…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Why Professional Pool Cleaning In Galveston Is Worth It

      No matter where you’re living in the area...whether it’s Galveston, Groves, Lumberton, Bridge City or close by...there’s not doubt that having your pool cleaning done by a professional is worth it. Of course we're going to say that, right? After all, we’re the ones providing the service and want you to sign up for weekly pool maintenance. Granted, that’s true. But can we offer the…Read More

  4. Don’t Let “The Green” Keep You Out Of The Pool: Use the Right Pool Maintenance

    Most of us have seen it...in fact, it’s almost impossible to own a pool and not wake up to The Green sooner or later. But what the heck is it? Is it your fault? What is it? - While there are different names attached to it, The Green is algae made up of millions or billions of single-cell organisms. These plant organisms turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, utilizing photosynthesis just like (nearly)…Read More

  5. Yellow or Green…or Black? Why Pool Maintenance Is So Important

    This... is yellow algae This... is green algae This... is black algae The differences are subtle. Yellow algae starts to form on the walls of your pool and can be easily brushed away with your hand. It has the color of a blade of grass. Solution: Raise pH to >7.8 and add Yellow Out and shock. Or use Algae Solution and shock. Green algae infects the water very fast and is a forest green colo…Read More

  6. Stains

    One common cause of pool staining is metals. Metals are sometimes found in our water supply but are often ingredients in chemicals used to kill algae. In low doses, these chemicals are highly effective in destroying algae, but in high doses, they have a tendency to cause staining on plaster, vinyl and fiberglass. The best recourse to combat these stains is to use a product that is 100% ascorbic ac…Read More

  7. Spring Prep For Pool Maintenance

    Once the water temperature gets above 65 degrees your pool may not be so easy to care for. At colder temperatures, algae growth is inhibited, but once it warms up…LOOK OUT! It’s easy to coast through winter without much attention to water chemistry but this time of year all is revealed. If you aren’t prepared, then you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals and repairs. So, thi…Read More

  8. Saving Money On Your Pool Maintenance

    Saving $$$ Having a pool is a luxury. Because of this, everything pool-related is expensive–from chemicals, to parts, to electricity, to repairs. There are ways to save money, though. First and foremost, fire your pool guy. We are expensive. This will require you to do some studying. Go to the library and check out a book on swimming pool maintenance (don’t buy one, they’re all the same), an…Read More

  9. Calculating The Number Of Gallons In Your Pool

    How many gallons of water are in my pool? Knowing how many gallons of water are in your pool is crucial to being able to effectively treat your water and to saving money. If you have a rectangle pool, finding the gallonage is pretty straight forward. You multiply the length x width x average depth of your pool and multiplying that number by 7.48 (the number of gallons in a cubic foot of water). Av…Read More

  10. Priming Your Pool Pump

    Priming your pump If you find that your pump just will NOT prime, try this: Turn your pump off. If you have a sand or DE filter, put the multiport valve on recirculate. Take the pump lid off, and with the valves open, fill the pump and suction pipes with water (use a garden hose). Once the pump is so full that it is spilling over, close the suction side valves and put the lid back on the pump. Tur…Read More