1. What Do You Mean You Need A Swimming Pool Heater?

    Here in Galveston and the surrounding area, it gets pretty warm. And the rest of the country knows this, but people in different parts of the country don’t always know what life is like throughout the year. Much as people in Galveston might wonder how much snowfall there is in Colorado in July (there isn’t any), people who don’t live in Galveston might ask you how sweltering it is in January…Read More

  2. Why It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Pool Heater, Pumps, And Pool Filters

      You’ve probably noticed, but nearly everything is getting more efficient. That’s not only because of government mandates and regulations...it’s also because of public interest. As pools get more energy efficient they will save you money and time. Here are a few of the pieces of pool equipment you might want to think about upgrading. Pool Heaters - Perhaps no part of a pools suggests l…Read More

  3. Stabilizer? What’s That Piece Of Pool Equipment?

    Stabilizer, what’s that? Stabilizer, or cyanuric acid, is a chemical that stabilizes your chlorine, thereby making it more effective against algae and bacteria. If you have too little in your pool your chlorine will be dissappated by the sun very rapidly and will not have time to combat the algae and bacteria. If your stabilizer level is too high, on the other hand, the chlorine becomes ineffect…Read More