1. Pool Supplies? Sure. BBQ Supplies? You Betcha!

      Here at Achtwoo, we sell pool supplies. We do pool repair. We take care of people’s pools every day because they trust us to give them top-notch pool maintenance. We love pools because of what they do....they bring family, neighbors, and friends together to hang out and have fun. But you can’t just stick a pool in your yard and call it done. What’s missing? Quite a bit, actually! We…Read More

  2. Are You A Do-It-Yourself Kind Of Person? Get Your Pool Supplies Here And Save!

      Hey, we understand. Some people like to take care of their own pools. It’s not that you don’t trust us, and we’re not going to take offense. We enjoy our jobs, so why shouldn’t there be some people out there who simply enjoy taking care of their own pool? Maybe it clears your mind to clean your pool, or maybe you only allowed yourself to spend the money installing the pool if you’…Read More

  3. Interested In Buying Pool Supplies And Taking Care Of Your Own Swimming Pool Maintenance?

      Okay, maybe our previous blogs haven’t convinced you that getting your pool maintenance done by a professional is the way to go. We’ve just got one response to that...sounds good! After all, we’re not just about swimming pool cleaning and pool maintenance. We’re also a premier supplier of pool supplies and are more than happy to sell you everything you need at the most affordable pr…Read More

  4. Seek Guidance From Our Galveston Area Pool Chemicals Experts

    Balance and harmony is the key to a fulfilling life, it is also the key to a pool that is free from cloudiness and algae. When seeking peace, balance and harmony within our spirit, we may seek the advice and expertise of a monk or guru, when seeking balance and harmony in our swimming pool, you need to seek guidance from our Galveston area pool chemicals experts. After all, a chaotic pool is a poo…Read More

  5. Phosphates: Getting The Right Pool Supplies

    Phosphates… For those of you who live in a neighborhood where everyone has landscaping, you MUST keep an eye on your phosphate level. Phosphate is a plant fertilizer that causes plants to grow extra fast…algae is a plant…your neighbor (or you) have a local landscape crew come out to fertilize your garden…the wind blows…and into the pool it goes…and the algae blooms–FAST! Now you can…Read More

  6. A Little Salt With Your Pool? Getting The Right Pool Chemicals

    Myth: Converting to a salt pool eliminates chlorine from your water. Fact: Converting to salt means you produce chlorine for your pool, from salt, rather than purchasing it. Myth: Salt water will destroy your equipment. Fact: Your pool water flows through PVC (plastic) piping, a plastic pump and a fiberglass/plastic filter....none of which are affected by the level of salt needed to produce chlori…Read More

  7. The inverse relationship of Chlorine and pH: Getting Pool Chemicals Right

    pH is the measure of your waters acidity. If it is too low it is corrosive and will eat at you plaster/vinyl liner, etc., if it is too high it will cause scaling and your water will have a tendency of being cloudy. pH and chlorine have an inverse relationship. The lower your pH, the more efficient your chlorine will be. For example, if your pH i8.0 and you put 10 pounds of chlorine in your pool, y…Read More

  8. Blue But Cloudy? What’s Going On With Your Pool Chemicals?

    Blue, but cloudy? Having a pool that is blue but still cloudy usually means that all the algae is dead, but your water still has particulates too small for your filter to catch. So… What you need is a clarifier or flocculant. I, personally, prefer the flocculant. A flocculant actually binds several smaller particles together to make bigger particles –and heavier–so that they will fall right …Read More